Monteverde NP, Costa RicaThank you for visiting my site and wanting to learn a little about it. I was born in Costa Rica but my family and I moved to the US when I was 8-years old. I still travel to Costa Rica when I can but unfortunately not often enough seeing that it is such a beautiful country. I am an electrical/software engineer by training but I had enjoyed photography on and off throughout my life. I didn't start taking photography seriously until my wife talked me into exhibiting my images and entering photo contests. I'm self-taught in photography so I was quite encouraged when I won a couple of contests and started to receive very positive feedback about my images.

As you can tell from my images, I truly enjoy nature and being outdoors. I enjoy trying to capture bright vivid colors that can be found throughout nature, from majestic landscapes to small insects. However, its always frustrating when you view your images and see that what you've captured is only a pale comparison to the true beauty of nature.

My interest in creating a website started when I wanted to share images of my daughter with family. That's when it occurred to me to create a site to show my nature images. I had a few of my images scanned onto a photo CD and I created a photo gallery website. After several E-card sites contacted me about using my images on their sites, I decided to look into how I could do this myself. Now I am able to share all of my images to be used as E-cards.

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Oscar E. Gutierrez
Ashburn, Virginia

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