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  The selected database is searched for the specified keywords. The default keyword separator is a comma character. If you want to search a number of keyphrases, you may use either "," (the OR operator) or "&&" (the AND operator)- see examples below.

Example 1: Entering red,rose results in all images with rose OR red
Example 2: Enter red rose results in all images that contain the phrase "red rose" (includes blanks)
Example 3: Enter red&&rose results in all images that contain both red AND rose

*Note: When I first started this web site I didn't expect for it to get as large as it is now so I hadn't palnned on having a search tool or key words associated with each image. Since there are no keywords at present, the search can only key off of the image name and title so the final results may miss some images or there may be results where part of the image name contains the searched word. Eventually I'll add keywords and have a more robust search tool.